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Finding Founding

In The Pile on March 16, 2011 at 10:52 am

This founding is legitimate without any bits of paper or ink.

This founding occurs days after Google’s online publishing behemoth began to awake from its slumber, pestered by its nimble and pretty competitors. WordPress pressed 165,344,909 words today and this will be founded anyway. It’s clear this founding will not be found.

We already have a web full of commentators, neo-analysts, hobbyists, wanna-be pundits and would-be futurists without enough articles to share between us. We don’t need another RSS feed for our collection or service to monitor. We definitely don’t need another male-caucasian blogger.

However it’s worth noting that America was founded in a world full of countries with other similar inhabitants.

Somewhat unfortunately unlike the founding of America, I do not have great minds, men or plans at my disposal. I don’t have hungry pilgrims and lots of promises. I have comparatively little at my disposal. But unlike the founding of America, great resources are no longer requisite.

The Social Network tells us that $50,000,000,000 can stem from a brain and a room. I can “publish” content online with a click (or a tap) and I can clutter up the internet with neither a house style nor an editor. We’re in a quasi-post-Warholian age and self defense is viral material (amongst many other things).

I’m not The Huffington Post Media Group and I haven’t got dead-tree papers to back me up. I’m definitely not on AOL’s hit-list. If anything i’m more like the bumbling Carol Bartz, stumbling along embarrassingly, but determined to at least become relevant.

My content farm will be small with few fields and barns. But i’ll know them like the back of my hand and have my sweaty mitts all over them. Sure i’ll make mistakes and be schooled by my elders, but this is the nature of young things. You and your expansion plans can’t match my sweaty mitts.

So take this founders. This is easy now and ain’t no mean feat. I can found without finding or being found and make it up as I go along.

Smell ya’ later slimeball!

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