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Firefox: An Audacious Act

In The Pile on March 17, 2011 at 10:48 am

Segment of Internet Users: We don’t appreciate being tracked like prey/endangered pandas. Please fuck off online advertisers.

Firefox Team: Hey, I’m sure some of our users would appreciate the ability to opt out of online tracking. Let’s give them the ability to opt out.

Segment of Online Advertising Industry: What. The. Fuck. Firefox? How could you possibly consider empowering web users? We rely on our underhand tactics to generate revenue, your ruining our Internet and destroying our entire business model you tossers!!!

Firefox Team: Pardon?

Segment of Online Advertising Industry: Your ruining the entire business model that the Internet is built upon tossers!

Firefox Team: Well, now that you mention it…

The above drama summarizes the recent chain of exchanges surrounding Mozilla’s “Do Not Track Feature”. But I fear no amount of sarcastic prose could encapsulate the outright stupidity of this backlash and the response of the advertising community.

Advertisers have had over 20 years to crack the internet and create a business model. With 7300+ days at their disposal, the best business model they could establish is so shoddy that removing a few cookies will apparently cause the whole thing to come crashing down? That seems to bad to be true.


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