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Dinsoaurs Will Be Dinosaurs

In The Pile on March 30, 2011 at 6:41 pm

I found this article in today’s National interesting.

‘The Pulitzer Prize finalist David Gates bemoaned the fact in an exchange with the novelist Jonathan Lethem, which was published in the journal PEN America saying, “I probably spend more time e-mailing and reading online than I do having non-virtual human contact… If my characters were like that, would their lives be eventful enough to write about?”.’

I think David is completely missing the point. Of course the act of “E-mailing and reading online” is dull. I can’t imagine anyone making Hotmail sound sexy. “He clicked the Arial size 11 ‘Refresh’ button with his Logitech mouse and waited on his MacBook connecting with the Etisalat internet router to download the new data”. Boring right? Right.

But its only half the story. Heck, its not even a fifth of the story. The real interest is is in what we do online, not what we do online. Tao Lin seems to have the right idea though:“It begins with an online instant-messaging conversation between a man calling himself Haley Joel Osment and a teenage girl calling herself Dakota Fanning, and goes on to incorporate internet chats, e-mails and text messages.”

I want stories like this. I want stories that describe the anticipation I feel spilling secrets over IM. I want stories that tell of Google searches, Facebook stalks and nasty dirty rumors.

Fuck you and fuck your Pultzer. Your a dinosaur.


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