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More Fanta Less Serious

In The Pile on April 1, 2011 at 10:28 pm

More Fanta. Less Serious. Fanta sent that message loud and clear at Dubai Mall yesterday (Thursday March 31st).

More Fanta. Less Serious

The C0ca-Cola Company’s (TCCC) PR team invited me to join them for the launch of ‘Fanta Chase‘ at Dean & Deluca and observe what was promised to be a visual marvel. They didn’t disappoint.

With a combination of magic, projectors, hardwork and digital brilliance the promenade of Souk Al Bahar was transformed into an acid-fueled, Fanta touting, animated wonder. It was friggin awesome. I’ve embed a video of the projection below but it hardly does the thing justice.

As well as being  awesome eye-candy, the event served two main purposes:

  1. Promote the Fanta Chase Facebook competition
  2. Rejuvenate the Fanta brand

The Fanta Chase Facebook competition can be found here, it’s a game based competition. Although i’m using the word competition pretty lightly, the competition is pretty much over. People have already accumulated impossibly high ‘high-scores’ and i’d have to play the game flawlessly until April of next year to even have a chance. Feel free to try yourself though.

The rejuvenation of the Fanta brand is much more interesting. Initially the phrase “More Fanta. Less Serious” made me want to retch; but the idea is growing on me. Very much so. I like this new direction, it shows promise and playfulness.

Let the sales chase between Fanta and Mirinda begin.

  1. That was so brilliant! Eye-candy indeed

    • The atmosphere was incredible during the projection. The air was charged with a hybrid of curiosity, anticipation and joy. The whole fountain area fell silent (baring the audio of the projection).

  2. Sorry to have missed the event now!!! :-))

    • It was a great night and i’d have loved to meet you; what can you do though.

      We’ll need to plan a bit more in advance next time there’s a big event on we’re both invited to 😛

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